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Born on April 1st, 1981,  David Mutnjaković  is a Visual Artist, writer, puppeteer, Art Educator, renegade animator. David's grandmother escaped out of Croatia, a village called Stara Gradiska in the early 1960's. Carrying his father and aunt on her back she walked the frontier to Austria, where they made their way to England, and took the long voyage by boat to Canada where David was born.

Dave Mutnjakovic was diagnosed with a chronic disorder that causes his guts to burn and bleed, it almost killed him when he was 13. 

"I was on the brink of death. I had two surgeries and then recovered," he said. "It was a hard road and it continued for six, seven years until I discovered the creative energy which was willing itself to be born out of me." - CBC

David's style cannot be defined by conventional language, secret alphabets, or open dialogs. Like the open scars inside him, his work must be felt. 

David's two BFA's in Film Animation and Community Art Education gave him the tools to create his "Outsider Education Program" where he teaches "troubled" children and young adults who "don't fit in" the tricks to be your self in a world teaching you to be everything but. The program guides kids  to solving their own problems through the spontaneous magical act of art making in the place where he is based, the moon.


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2018OUF! Festival Off Casteliers - Festival des arts de la marionnettes

2017 arteSPACE Exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2016 "Gutted" Exhibtion, Galerie Carrots & Dates, Windsor, On

2016 "When There is Nothing Left to Burn" Exhibition, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal, QC

2016 Galerie POPOP - Circa, Montreal, QC

Publications & Press

2018 Outside In, United Kingdom

2016 Prosthetic Reality, An Augmented Reality Art Book, Melbourne Australia

The Windsor Star, Published on: December 18, 2016

CBC Windsor,