Shot Drawn Assembled Directed Dreamed by : Dejv Mutnjakovic
Music : Music by Aleksandar Premrl

Twenty-five sixty, twenty eighty-five, eight ounces to the
twelfth night day eight eight eight. Motion Control, in,
Motion, out, confidence, confidence goooooo.

I woke up again, outside my body to determine the question. “Was I just visiting?”

After Life

Shot Directed Dreamed by : Dejv Mutnjakovic
Music : Detroit Escalator Company & Damaris Baker

Poem : After Life

The sun spills its blood over us, we drink it from each others lips,
spitting color on the walls of routine,
pissing rainbows down your life drain.
We hear the great
cities from afar moaning that unique pitch.
You know it, the sound when a
protected organ is punctured,
that repetitive siren when orgasm is
stimulated from the unfolding of lies, panic and protection.
We found our way in, sweating, mad, wild,
carving out aphrodisia from the belly button of our cantankerous
creator, longing, craving, desiring
more blood, more earth,
more dream, more lust,
more,... magic.

I am tired you plead, no more, no more, no more.
I cannot stop, my heart is a black ocean breathing betrayal,
my teeth sharp with persuasion,
my eyes menacing like a patient wolf fat on pet rabbit,
easy killing.

Kicking in the vein of nothingness
you speak out from the holes of your delirium.


All is alive, blue shifting approaching
to red shift receding,
pleasure in vivid light,
that which color is made of.

I swim through all the barriers of your minuscule experiences,
flowing toward vibrating sound. Through heart beat, under
electric impulse, down into the depths,
I want to see what lies beyond the senses.
It is not a need, alors! But I want to
bite into the extraordinary
infinite genius of the creators seed.



l'univers du mystique Koala

Shot Directed Drawn, Music Dreamed by : Dejv Mutnjakovic


Chapter : 1

What do you see? Look Closer. Open up a little, relax.

Anything? Patience, breathe. That's better. Good. Now.

Tell me what you see?

A baby, you see a baby, a baby dreaming,... me?

An inverted baby dreaming, me. Certainly. Anything else? Lets go deeper, together.


Music, yes, that's it music, follow the music.


Lets not hold back any longer, let us really flow, let us set fire to twilight. Let us allow life to be.


We are in a car racing toward the setting sun. The hills to both sides of us are silhouettes. We are void of emotion, we are focused, we are outlaws, monsters, trouble makers, we are free!




To Never Again. 


Directed by : Dejv Mutnjakovic
Dancers : Aliah Schwartz
Music : Alexander Premel

Our project is a visual exploration of empathy by way of drawing and dance. Empathy, for our purposes, is a visceral and cognitive understanding of another’s emotions or motivations. Empathy allows a person to take another’s viewpoint to understand the intentions behind their actions more fully; in other words, feeling what they feel.

Why does she Dance
 How does he draw?
Two disciplines mirroring one another.
Mirroring occurs when two people make similar body movements that are coordinated or slightly echoed in time.
In Mirroring, an exercise practiced in Dance/Movement Therapy is considered by practitioners and patients to
enhance emotional understanding and empathy for others. 
The dancer (Aliah) brings to life through movement, the emotional response of the “drawer” Mr. Mutnjakovic’s illustrations.
Mr. Mutnjakovic as mirrors Miss Schwartz's dance and reproduces the ‘feeling’ on paper.