“I will kiss  and love you whom understand”

Mural - From Beginning to End
Pen & Ink & Water color on paper
85" x 55"
2010 - 2018

Imagine for a moment what it takes to return to the source of one’s trauma.

Drawn from within, these forms explore what once were
irreducible elements and a source of loneliness, 
but now my trauma empowers creation.

Les harmonies salvatrices
Pen & Ink & Water Color on Paper
55" x 62"

Trauma is Brilliantly intelligent at waking us up.

Like blank paper, catharsis for me was a profound emptiness.

Emptiness is a sacred space.
Emptiness is where one’s work begins.
Emptiness is where one’s vital energy converts
chemistry of mind to alchemy of spirit.

Emptiness is a path to where trauma and love
meet in harmony.

To arrive at the source,

I chose to relive the pain,
humiliation and anxiety from deep
within the hidden recesses of my body’s memory.

Pen & Ink on Paper
3.5' x 5'

Each of these forms,
images and drawings comes from
the furthest extreme of pain,
from the brink of madness.

Born of trauma,
emotion and will to heal they are as much a
discovery as they are my odyssey. 

What was struggling to reveal itself, 
all these years, was the link between life and death
pulsating deep within the guts of my work.

Today, the atonement of my trauma does not come
through completion of my work but
through the dialogue of healing it offers for me and
the viewer.

She asked me what my soul looked like
Pen & Ink & Water Color on Paper
35" x 40"
49 110 little black lines

Polychromatic Fragrance

Size: 45" H x 35" W x 0.5 in


Size: 40" H x 48" W x 0.5 in

The Art of Letting Go

Size: 45" H x 35" W x 0.5 in

"This is the visual equivalent of a love poem"

Pen & Ink on Paper
20" x 22"
45 230 little black lines

"For when she saw my mind spinning, I wondered what does the spider wear."
Pen and Ink on Paper
24" x 16"

It is as if the multiplicity of the world dissolved into unity.

Size: 11" H x 17" W x 0.5 in

The House Where Nobody Lives

Pen & Ink & Watercolor
Size: 11" H x 17" W x 0.5 in

La gang de sequins aux dents perdus

Pen & Ink on Paper • 11” x 17” • 2015-16
Size: 11" H x 17 W" x 0.5 in