It has been a few days,
that I have been picking at
the source of my itch.
When something happened!

I stopped thinking. 
I knew I stopped because
I hadn't any more problems. 
Everything was simple. 

Huh. Simple things
are the most interesting thing.
"Thinking is kind of complex"
common sense suddenly said. 

I wasn't getting closer, I was there. 
In nothing. 
If words were keys, words
could not unlock nothing. 

Only nothing can unlock nothing.

It is peaceful here, 
I am happy here. 
Not thinking, doing. 
It's going, and I am
going with. 

Imagine trying to consume nothing!
I thought this to hear the sound
of a laughing nothing. 
A sound I chose to be born out of. 

This whole
time I had to
sit and wait. 
To let it come,
for life to
be simple.