Art based Truth. 
We are the guts of truth.
Our creations are representative of the
intestinal creativity between
systems of shit. 

We do not sell. We take what you have & inspire. 
We care not for absurdity even if our vision is absurd. 

We are against nothing. 
We are only the glue of the fragmentation
which our conditioning inhibits us from experiencing. 
That glory of wholeness under you eyelids, the grit beneath your fingernails. 
Fear of death is the infinite flow of ink which fills our pen. 
Death is the reflected image of your eyes off the glare of your phone. 
As you placate this game of comatosia. 
We walk and play freely
our spontaneity tripping on the hallucination of time. 

We express our emotions in the moment. 
We hope it scares your social constraints into the arms of
the black and blue authority. 
We have laughter to loosen his hand cuffs. 

We use all our strength when lifting the burdon
of human traumatic history. 
We'll need it, every amperage of electrical charge
to toss it, trauma into the void of nothing and everything. 

We are simple people of which our imagination
guides our gaze beyond the myopia of science. 
Our collective cataracts responsible for creativities cancer. 

Your science can numb illness
It can do nothing for the pain
we endure living in the disconnection
between i & it, me & you
Science & nature
Stupidity & simple

We see through -it-
Our imagination took us in & around the hypnosis of
your standardized education system. 
Our heart ate us out of sickness and the
sterilization of your medicine. 

Did you really think that you could keep the truth from us?
We were born awake, & remain that way. 
Everything is transparent.
We leave our bodies and dance inside
of dimensions outside the outer
within the womb of the blackest part of your belly button. 


We are not characterized by the problems you
educate us into believing we have inherited. 

We are not anchored by an organization of belief. 

Our anger is speaking to us & we are listening our
self into a frenzy of freedom. 

We find innovation - focused -efficiency
In a time when people know not how to use time. 

We reject words like genius, savior, god, master. 
As they only blind us, stop us, from the obviousness of infinity. 

We want to be disturbed, shaken, and fucked by real honesty. 
Our time & age
are bored by our conditioned dishonesty. 
Dishonesty is the dope our age.