Skeeeekkseegsky : An analysis of visionary experience. 

In 2010,  I suffered a near death experience due to a massive flare-up of Crohns Disease which went unchecked for three years. After my recovery I began to have visions, or hallucinations, which came to me in vivid color, as little films, or as strange twisted colorless figures speaking a language I could not understand.

The images of these creatures burned into my mind, I became possessed by them. I began to wonder if I was going mad or losing my mind so I began to draw them. To document them, to show my doctor, and the people around me in perfect detail what I was witness to.

Each vision was accompanied by a story. Yet the story could not be revealed through words, or symbols, as we know them. Only by drawing them, could each individual tale be told. Upon close observation each illustration describes a world within a world within a world. These worlds I had come to realize are within us all.


The hallucinations made me vividly aware of the fact that what I call shapes, colors, and textures in the outside world are also states of my nervous system, that is, of me. In knowing each vision, I had come closer to knowing the self.  The visions I was having were actually me speaking to me through me, by way of the unknown.