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”Visually infinitely small and sound of another dimension,
Daves’ proposal of the artist can not help but seize the heart hostage and touch the psychic fiber of the observer.” - DR.HG

Dave Mutnjakovic was born on the immaterial border that separates Canada from the United States,
between the cities of Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of a refugee from Eastern Europe and an Irish poet.
This Frankensteinienne mix engendered a definitively original outsider.

At age 13, Dave develops a chronic disease that burns his intestines and makes him travel to the end of life.
A few years later, it's the recession that decimates the city of his childhood. Thus, he went away: uncertain traveler, taking new paths.

It is at the end of the world, in Tasmania, that he finally reaches his limit and decides to return to the source. From that defining moment to today, Dave creates with a frenzy close to personal therapy. Since then, he has accumulated more than 3,000 drawings, writings and visual animations. Which uniquely illustrate his personal, physical and mystical journey. In parallel with his creative process, he specializes in the development of artistic projects with at-risk youth and people overcoming physical and mental health problems.


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Exhibits  THEATRE

2018OUF! Festival Off Casteliers - Festival des arts de la marionnettes

ART AND ANIMATION Group Exhibitions 

2019 - Exposition HISTOIRE EN 5 SAISONS à la Galerie de la petite gare de Val-David, QC

2019 - +4 Exhibition Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery

2018 - ‘Prosthetic Reality' exhibit MOD at the University of South Australia
MOD. is Australia's leading future-focused museum

Pause Festival, Melbourne, AUS, 2017

FOST (Future of Story Telling), New York, USA, 2017

Worlds Fair USA, 2017

Courant 3d-film fest, Angouleme France, 2017

The Galleries Exhibition, Sydney Australia, 2017

My Casa Gallery, Vietnam, 2017

Noosa Gallery, Queensland Australia, 2017

House of VR, Toronto, Canada, 2017

Rise Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017

Augmented World Expo, Munich, Germany, 2017

Augmented World Expo, USA 2018 

VRLA Expo LA, May 2018

Activate Perth, Western Australia, 2018

EyeJack in The Pilbara, Western Australia, 2018

Solo Exhibits

2019 Alphonse-Desjardins Room, Mont-Tremblant, QC

2017 arteSPACE Exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2016 "Gutted" Exhibtion, Galerie Carrots & Dates, Windsor, On

2016 "When There is Nothing Left to Burn" Exhibition, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal, QC

2016 Galerie POPOP - Circa, Montreal, QC

Publications & Press

2018 Outside In, United Kingdom

2016 Prosthetic Reality, An Augmented Reality Art Book, Melbourne Australia

The Windsor Star, Published on: December 18, 2016

CBC Windsor,