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Dave's family escaped former Yugoslavia in the early 1960's to start a life in a border town called
 Windsor, Ontario.  At 13 he starting to work in a Gun-drilling factory shovelling metal chips after school. At the same time he developed a chronic disorder 
that caused his guts to burn and bleed, and nearly killed him. He realized his education was preparing him for a life of hard labor, and his body, mind, and spirit were rejecting it.

Life had other plans. The recession of 2007 decimated Windsor and Detroit guiding him into a nomadic existence. He travelled around the world for six years fascinated by peoples raison d’etre (reason to be). He worked menial jobs with hardworking people in 26 different cities, until his health failed him again in Tasmania, Australia. He was told that if he didn’t return home he would die.

After a stint in Hawaii “to replenish his soul in the holy land”. He returned to Canada and was taken in by a quebecois family to recover and find his footing. During this period he read with intrigue into ideas about medicine, earth systems, the effects of trauma on the body, and began to draw 10 hours a day, seven days a week.

Through years of investigating the source of his illness he realized he was documenting the stages of the expansion of consciousness. He began to draw out his profound experiences. From the point he returned to Canada to the present, he created over 3000 drawings, writings, and animations. 

Dave specializes in developing art projects with "at-risk" youth, gifted children, and those with behavioural issues. Dave is absolutely passionate about inspiring resilience in people whose life experience is at odds with the rhythm of society.

His art exhibitions have awakened awareness of social taboos including mental illness, isolation, and the complexity of trauma.

He earned his two degrees in Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA in Community Art Education,
Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA in Film Animation at Concordia University in Montreal.
Also a Advanced Graphic Design and Illustration degree at St.Clair College in Ontario.


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Exhibits  THEATRE

2018OUF! Festival Off Casteliers - Festival des arts de la marionnettes

ART AND ANIMATION Group Exhibitions 

2019 - +4 Exhibition Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery

2018 - ‘Prosthetic Reality' exhibit MOD at the University of South Australia
MOD. is Australia's leading future-focused museum

Pause Festival, Melbourne, AUS, 2017

FOST (Future of Story Telling), New York, USA, 2017

Worlds Fair USA, 2017

Courant 3d-film fest, Angouleme France, 2017

The Galleries Exhibition, Sydney Australia, 2017

My Casa Gallery, Vietnam, 2017

Noosa Gallery, Queensland Australia, 2017

House of VR, Toronto, Canada, 2017

Rise Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017

Augmented World Expo, Munich, Germany, 2017

Augmented World Expo, USA 2018 

VRLA Expo LA, May 2018

Activate Perth, Western Australia, 2018

EyeJack in The Pilbara, Western Australia, 2018

Solo Exhibits

2019 Alphonse-Desjardins Room, Mont-Tremblant, QC

2017 arteSPACE Exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2016 "Gutted" Exhibtion, Galerie Carrots & Dates, Windsor, On

2016 "When There is Nothing Left to Burn" Exhibition, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal, QC

2016 Galerie POPOP - Circa, Montreal, QC

Publications & Press

2018 Outside In, United Kingdom

2016 Prosthetic Reality, An Augmented Reality Art Book, Melbourne Australia

The Windsor Star, Published on: December 18, 2016

CBC Windsor,