She Asked Me What My Soul Looked Like (Print)


She Asked Me What My Soul Looked Like (Print)


Completed in six months, "She asked me what my soul looked like" began halfway though the creation of 'The Body'.
The weight of the body was so heavy on me I needed help. I sat down at a café with my good friend about the time I thought it would break me, for a coffee.  I immediately asked her "what is it that gets us through the most painful periods of our lives? What lifts us up when we are on the brink of destruction?"

She was silent for some minutes, reflecting long and hard on the question. When finally a light shone in her eyes. She looked at me with a half smile and said, "What does your soul look like?"

Stirring honey into my coffee I saw it between layers of flavor. It asked me to dive in
simply, I joined the swirl.
Within the blackness masks were removed, veils lifted, the charade was shed.
I plunged into it and this “Soul” stood before the black body and asked if I was surprised that three billion mouths speaking words that would never be understood by anyone created this black monster?

It brought me face to face with my most secret fear.

The black and white "body" drawing is a map of pain, trauma, and darkness of humanity.  The work "she asked me what my soul looked like" represents the archetype of the inner portal, light. An arrangement of the many patterns of the universe revealed through color, dissolving into unity. Through this piece I realized that the darkness and the light are essentially the same thing, and this realization is what turned trauma, and anxiety into laughter. Suddenly to see, after all this pain, and anxiety that I had nothing to worry about, is what this drawing represents.

It is a great bellow of laughter from a source beyond the deepest recesses of the bowels. The source of courage feeding our body that which it needs to travel into our deepest fears, diving wholeheartedly into the vast unknown, refining thoughts, strengthening the mind. Refilling moral reserves. Laughter emanating out of its every pore, down down down we go with this piece into nothing, to finally arrive, to finally respirer.

To some this will sound like mystification but it is an honest statement of my present convictions.


What a process to follow our instinct,

to follow our destiny & Let the doubts

fall at our feet along the road.

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