Dejv M. Mutnjakovic was born April 1st, 1981 in Windsor Ontario. His Father is from Croatia, a little town called Stara Gradiska, and his dearest mother is of Irish decent. His life is chronicled through his storytelling & by his intense attention to detail illustrated in his visual work.  

He received his BFA's in Film Animation and Community Art Education. He currently works as an Creative Arts Therapist mainly in alternative schools in the city where he is based, Montreal.


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2017 arteSPACE Exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2016 "Gutted" Exhibtion, Galerie Carrots & Dates, Windsor, On

2016 "When There is Nothing Left to Burn" Exhibition, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal, QC

2016 Galerie POPOP - Circa, Montreal, QC

Publications & Press

2016 Prosthetic Reality, An Augmented Reality Art Book, Melbourne Australia

The Windsor Star, Published on: December 18, 2016

CBC Windsor,



• Perspectives I High School - Montreal QC
Creative Arts Educator - Using a therapeutic approach to teaching used art lessons to allow « at risk » youth to express their stories.

• Sherbrooke Academy Jr - Montreal QC
Art Therapist - Mixing creative arts therapy with a holistic approach to stress management students between the ages of 6 to 10 explore the healing power of the imagination

• Sherbrooke Academy Sr. - Montreal QC
TEAM (Together everyone achieves more)- A sports based instruction designed to teach qualities of sportsmanship and the application of these qualities to all facets of life.

• Options High School - Montreal QC
Creative Arts Educator - A one on one approach is used to guide students toward their dreams through a stop motion animation exploration programming.

• Venture Outreach/Alternative High School- Montreal QC
Job Skills Workshop - Teaching students the reality of job searching in the modern world.

• Visual Arts Centre - Westmount Montreal QC
Art Educator - Puppet making workshops and Imagination development for a student population 6 - 8 years old.

L’École Le Sommet , Montreal QC
Art Educator for Adolescents with special needs

Nesbit Elementary School, Montreal QC
Educator, Teacher Assistant Differentiated Classrooms Grade 4-5. One on One workshops with children with special needs.

Centre D'Activites Recreatives et Educatives,
Montreal QC 2015
Educator, Personal Support Worker for people in wheelchairs